Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Great Shape Makers

We made marvelous, magnificent 3D shapes using art straws and play-dough.  We used our shape knowledge to construct the 3D shapes, using the straws for the edges and the play-dough for the vertices.

We really enjoyed making all the different 3D shapes. Have a look at some of the shapes we made!

“I really enjoyed making the 3D shapes, it was lots of fun!” Michael




“We used the straws for the edges and the play dough for the vertices.” Darcy





“We made lots of different shapes, have a look at our triangular prism!”




Written by all of Team 3!

Sorting Shapes

In our maths lessons we have been looking at 2D shapes, we have found out what a line of symmetry is and how to find a right angle. We used the shape properties, including lines of symmetry and right angles, to sort regular and irregular 2D shapes in a Venn diagram.

P1940186 P1940185

Paper Manche Fun

In our topic lessons the children have been creating their own worlds. We had a look at some of the stories around the world about creation and then thought about what we would put in the world if we created it. The children though of some amazing ideas from rainbow lands, candy floss clouds, chocolate rivers, molten lava oceans and loads more. Once we had our ideas we made globes using paper mache and then decorated them with lots of different colours .

We covered our balloons using a glue mix and newspaper and then waited for them to dry!


When the were dry we decorated them with different colours, thinking about what the land and sea were made of.