Greek Mask Creations

As part of our ‘Stories that people tell’ topic of work we have been learning all about Greek myths. We had a look at what Greek theater was like and found out that ll of the actors were male! The actors had to use masks to show the different characters they played in their show, they usually played more than one character in the show. The Greek masks were used to show who they were and also the emotions they were feeling.

Have a look at some of the Greek masks we found:
mask 3      mask1   mask2



We looked at the different maps we found and we made our own using clay.P1940296                   First we moulded the clay into the shape of a face.





Then we used different tools to make mouth and eyes in our clay masks.





We added features of the character we had chosen to do. Here is someone making Medusa adding snakes to her head.



It was great fun getting messy and making our Greek masks!

P1940317 P1940319 P1940322

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