The Countdown to Christmas!

It is the week before Christmas and Team 3 have been having lots of Christmas fun!

Over the last week we have been doing lots of Christmas activities including, cards, decorations, arts and crafts, visiting Santa and we had a Christmas party!

We had our Christmas party on Monday. It was lots of fun playing all the different games and dancing around to all of the jingly Christmas music. Lots of us won prizes for being super dancers and winning lots of the games, like musical statues.

Here are some of us having our Christmas dinner on party day.

P1940396 P1940402

We had a surprise visitor during our party. Some of the children heard the clanking on the school roof and the jingling of bells before he came.  He gave us all a present, can you guess who it was?



On Tuesday some of our parents came in to help us with some of our arts and crafts activities. They helped us to make Christmas tress and Rudolph’s using paper plates, paint, sequence, coloured paper and glue.

P1940445      P1940449


On Wednesday everyone in Team 3 turned into Santa Claus!  We made our Christmas cards this year by using a picture of ourselves and adding a beard, red had and glitter to make a team of Santa’s.


On Thursday Miss Mulholland brought in a surprise for us! We got gingerbread men, stars, Christmas trees, snowmen and stockings to decorate. We used icing and different cake decorations to make our gingerbread look awesome. Whe we were finished we put them in our Christmas boxes, we made earlier in the week, Where there were more surprises for use to take home!



We have had a great week during the countdown to Christmas and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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