The Circus is Coming to Town!

To start of our topic ‘The circus is coming to town’ we had a very special visitor come in to see us at school. Alex came in tell us all about the circus and show us lots of circus tricks. We had great fun trying out all of the tricks and playing with the circus equipment!

He showed us how to juggle, and taught us about how we can start off with something easier like juggling scarves.



Here we are practicing with the juggling scarves.




Alex showed us how you can juggle with other things too, he was very good at it!


We learnt how to use each piece of circus equipment safely and then we got to have a go at using all of them!



As we could not use the unicycle we practices pedaling on something smaller. It was quite tricky and we were all a bit wobbly!






Here is someone practicing on the Diabolo, we had to use the sticks to make it spin really quickly.






This was a flower stick, you had to try and flip it around and throw it in the air using the two sticks to catch it again.






Some of us got really good at spinning plates!





Everyone had a go at balancing a peacock feather on our hands. We had to make sure to keep looking at the top of the feather. Alex was amazing at balancing things, he even balanced a unicycle on his chin!


We all got a fright when Alex went on his ginormous unicycle. He nearly fell on top of us all!


Everyone was amazed by all the tricks and skills that Alex showed us with the circus equipment and we are all looking forward to learning more about the circus!

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