Monthly Archives: May 2016

Team 3’s visit to see the ducklings.

Today team three had a nice surprise after lunch, we got to go and see receptions ducklings. The children were all very excited and loved seeing the ducklings swim around in their pond and watching them try to dive  under the water.

There were four ducklings altogether, Doug, May, Alan and Lilly, the children found out there were 5 eggs but only 4 hatched. The fifth egg was buried under a tree and the reception and nursery  children had put flowers around it.

The children said…

‘We saw ducklings and one of them was called Alan’ Michael

‘When we saw the baby ducklings they were very cute and the biggest one, called Doug, was being very cheeky’ Darcy

‘I thought the cutest one was the yellow duckling, who was called Lilly, because she was splashing around in the water’ Rielle

The ducklings were doing tricks in the water, they had just learnt to dive under water’ Riley

P1030385 P1030379 P1030378  P1030380 P1030382