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Exit point – Thank you to our amazing parents!

Yesterday we invited our parents in to see all our topic learning and to take part in our exit point. The children had designed and made their, ‘Guess Who’ boards so all that was left to do was to play, play, play!

A massive thank you to the following parents/carer(s): Laila’s mum, Harvey’s mum, Rijja’s mum, Fraya T’s dad, Isabelle’s mum, Ethan’s dad, Alan’s mum, Brooke’s aunty, Kayla’s mum and dad, Joshua’s mum, Angela’s mum and Etinosa’s mum for taking the time out of their busy day. We’re super glad you came and hope you had fun!

image image image image image image image

We loved your feedback about what went well:

Listening to the children asking and answering a wide range of questions about each character.”

Children played nicely, excellent way to learn.”

The kids did well describing each child and had fun.”

Even better if:

We had bigger chairs!” – I promise I’ll get more next time!

Getting ready for our exit point!

Since September, we have been learning about ourselves. We have celebrated our similarities, differences and learned that we can belong to different groups. We even learned how we are similar and different to children around the world.

For our exit point, we are inviting parents in to learn all about us in a special game of ‘Guess Who!’ To do this, we had to put our creative DT skills to the test to make our very own boards. We even wrote instructions on how to make the boards. Take a look at our hard work:

Making the game:

image image image image image





The Disgusting Sandwich



Fancy a unique sandwich? One you’ve never had before? Well look no further because we’ve found you one! Just joking…. Have a look at the truly disgusting ones we’ve looked at ready for our new English genre, instructions.


image image image image image image


We then made videos. In our videos we used adjectives to describe the sandwiches! Take a look:

Science – We know it!

We started our new science topic today. We are going to be learning about the uses of everyday materials. To get started we told Miss Francis everything we already knew! Look how amazing our knowledge already is! We can’t wait to learn more….

image image image image image


Editors at the ready!



This week we have been learning about editing and how to be good editors. In Year 2 we need to suggest changes to work and correctly errors. We used the book, ‘The Very Little Red Riding Hood’ and edited it! We changed the incorrect speech because Very Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t speak properly and we added some time connectives to make it more exciting. Some of us even added exciting adjectives to engage the reader even more. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done!