Exit point – Thank you to our amazing parents!

Yesterday we invited our parents in to see all our topic learning and to take part in our exit point. The children had designed and made their, ‘Guess Who’ boards so all that was left to do was to play, play, play!

A massive thank you to the following parents/carer(s): Laila’s mum, Harvey’s mum, Rijja’s mum, Fraya T’s dad, Isabelle’s mum, Ethan’s dad, Alan’s mum, Brooke’s aunty, Kayla’s mum and dad, Joshua’s mum, Angela’s mum and Etinosa’s mum for taking the time out of their busy day. We’re super glad you came and hope you had fun!

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We loved your feedback about what went well:

Listening to the children asking and answering a wide range of questions about each character.”

Children played nicely, excellent way to learn.”

The kids did well describing each child and had fun.”

Even better if:

We had bigger chairs!” – I promise I’ll get more next time!

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