Monthly Archives: September 2017

Mini Andy Goldsworthy!

Today in topic we learned about the artist, Andy Goldsworthy. We looked at some of his sculptures and learned all about how he uses nature to create his work. We had so much fun creating our own and learned lots!

The Lovely Fire created by, Livia, Cole, Timi, Grace

The Beach by Savannah, Lilly-Mae, Lily, Emarai

The Moon by Ahmed, Seth, Shelby, Cameron and Ethan

The Sun by Aisosa, Mikalah, Layton, Victoria and Briar

The Log Nest by Taiden, Bryan, Jayden and John-Paul

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone.

We hope you’ve had a great rest over the summer and are ready to learn. Team 3 have already been working hard in class and are learning so much. This half term we are learning:

English – Poetry, instructions and a narrative

Maths – Place Value and Addition

Guided Reading – How to find the meanings of words we don’t know, how to find answers in a text and understanding a characters feelings.

Science – All living things and their habitats

Topic – Where do I live?

Keep popping in to see the exciting things we’re doing!