On Tuesday 26th September, Mr Higginbotham talked to us all about e-Safety.

We learned the four rules of Online Safety;

1. Keep your personal information safe online.
2. People you meet online are strangers.
3. Be kind to other people online, just like you would in the playground or classroom.
4. If you get that “Uh, oh” feeling in your tummy when you are online, tell an adult, straight away.

We watched the video to see Sid being an “Online Protector” for Lee and Kim, the children in the video.

Mr Higginbotham even gave us a rules sheet for Online Safety to take home. He told us to put it somewhere where we could keep looking at it to remind us of the rules for how to be safe online.

Don’t forget, we invite parents into our eSafety sessions once per term, so look out for a letter about the next one in the new year.

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