Monthly Archives: October 2017

Our Local Walk

Last week, Year 1 and Year 2 went on a little walk around our local area for our topic, ‘Where Do I live?’ On the walk, we were focusing on how to get around and what it would look like on a map. When we got back, we began to write about our local area ready for an informative leaflet. Take a look at our walk and have a sneak peek at some of work!

International Peace Day

On 21st September for International Peace Day, children at Charlestown made their own pinwheels. We decorated them with symbols that linked to peace. In Team 3, we made them for each other. Take a look at the ones we ended up with – we loved them! Miss Denham popped in whilst we were handing them out and loved them too – see if you can spot her! What symbol is she making? What does it represent?