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Team 3’s visit to see the ducklings.

Today team three had a nice surprise after lunch, we got to go and see receptions ducklings. The children were all very excited and loved seeing the ducklings swim around in their pond and watching them try to dive  under the water.

There were four ducklings altogether, Doug, May, Alan and Lilly, the children found out there were 5 eggs but only 4 hatched. The fifth egg was buried under a tree and the reception and nursery  children had put flowers around it.

The children said…

‘We saw ducklings and one of them was called Alan’ Michael

‘When we saw the baby ducklings they were very cute and the biggest one, called Doug, was being very cheeky’ Darcy

‘I thought the cutest one was the yellow duckling, who was called Lilly, because she was splashing around in the water’ Rielle

The ducklings were doing tricks in the water, they had just learnt to dive under water’ Riley

P1030385 P1030379 P1030378  P1030380 P1030382

Oxford reading tree competition!

Last week the children in team three created their very own Biff, Chip and Kipper book for a very exciting competition.

This year it is Oxford Reading Trees 30th birthday and they decided to run a competition for children to make their very own stories about their famous story characters Biff, Chip and Kipper. Thirty children will be chosen to get there books printed for them to keep and the first two winners in the competition get their books illustrated by Alex Brychta.

Over the week the children read and explored magic key stories, about Biff, Chip and Kipper,  looking at the similarities in the stories and beginning to think about what they would have to include in their stories.

The children then began to plan their stories thinking about some wonderful places the magic key could take them. We had Harry Potter Worlds, back in time to the dinosaurs, into the future, shooting off into deep space and lots, lots more.

By the end of the week the children produced some great stories and we shared them with our class. The children looked and discussed all of their stories with their team mates in class.®ion=uk

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What is sign2sing?
sign2sing is an annual fundraising event held between 1-7 February.
The children learn a catchy song with signs based on BSL.
This year’s song has the theme of friendship, inclusion and anti-bullying

As a school we will be raising funds for vulnerable deaf children in the UK and in Uganda.

Please help your child to learn the song lyrics and actions.


Measuring Madness!

Last week the children in team 3 worked very hard in maths measuring lots of things using different measuring equipment,

The children had great fun measuring each other with decimetre strips:


Here is Tommy being measured by his group!

The children also used metre wheels to measure longer distances. We used toy cars and tested how far we could push them using the metre wheels.

P1940497                                               P1940507

We used rulers to measure in cm. The children followed measuring instructions to make robots out of art straws and a house out of playdough.

P1940500    P1940509

Team 3 also had a go at using metre rulers to measure larger objects around the classroom.



Circus Scenes!

As part of our circus theme we have been looking at circus scenes thinking about what it would be like if we ‘jumped into’ the pictures. All the children in team 3 thought about what they might see, hear, smell and feel if they were there and used amazing adjectives to describe different pictures. Then we all made our very own circus setting using different materials.


P1940539   P1940528   P1940544


The Circus is Coming to Town!

To start of our topic ‘The circus is coming to town’ we had a very special visitor come in to see us at school. Alex came in tell us all about the circus and show us lots of circus tricks. We had great fun trying out all of the tricks and playing with the circus equipment!

He showed us how to juggle, and taught us about how we can start off with something easier like juggling scarves.



Here we are practicing with the juggling scarves.




Alex showed us how you can juggle with other things too, he was very good at it!


We learnt how to use each piece of circus equipment safely and then we got to have a go at using all of them!



As we could not use the unicycle we practices pedaling on something smaller. It was quite tricky and we were all a bit wobbly!






Here is someone practicing on the Diabolo, we had to use the sticks to make it spin really quickly.






This was a flower stick, you had to try and flip it around and throw it in the air using the two sticks to catch it again.






Some of us got really good at spinning plates!





Everyone had a go at balancing a peacock feather on our hands. We had to make sure to keep looking at the top of the feather. Alex was amazing at balancing things, he even balanced a unicycle on his chin!


We all got a fright when Alex went on his ginormous unicycle. He nearly fell on top of us all!


Everyone was amazed by all the tricks and skills that Alex showed us with the circus equipment and we are all looking forward to learning more about the circus!

The Countdown to Christmas!

It is the week before Christmas and Team 3 have been having lots of Christmas fun!

Over the last week we have been doing lots of Christmas activities including, cards, decorations, arts and crafts, visiting Santa and we had a Christmas party!

We had our Christmas party on Monday. It was lots of fun playing all the different games and dancing around to all of the jingly Christmas music. Lots of us won prizes for being super dancers and winning lots of the games, like musical statues.

Here are some of us having our Christmas dinner on party day.

P1940396 P1940402

We had a surprise visitor during our party. Some of the children heard the clanking on the school roof and the jingling of bells before he came.  He gave us all a present, can you guess who it was?



On Tuesday some of our parents came in to help us with some of our arts and crafts activities. They helped us to make Christmas tress and Rudolph’s using paper plates, paint, sequence, coloured paper and glue.

P1940445      P1940449


On Wednesday everyone in Team 3 turned into Santa Claus!  We made our Christmas cards this year by using a picture of ourselves and adding a beard, red had and glitter to make a team of Santa’s.


On Thursday Miss Mulholland brought in a surprise for us! We got gingerbread men, stars, Christmas trees, snowmen and stockings to decorate. We used icing and different cake decorations to make our gingerbread look awesome. Whe we were finished we put them in our Christmas boxes, we made earlier in the week, Where there were more surprises for use to take home!



We have had a great week during the countdown to Christmas and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Dictionary Detectives!

Last week team three became detectives and had to look for words in the dictionary!

We talked about how to use a dictionary and how all the words were in alphabetical order. The children used their alphabet knowledge to look for words in the dictionary and find out what they mean.

P1940389 P1940390 P1940394 P1940395