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Multiplying Maths Fun!


Over the last two weeks team 3 have been learning how to multiply using different resources and procedures. We have learned how to multiply using repeated addition, objects, groups and arrays.

After learning and practicing the different methods and using the different resources to multiply we completed a multiplying maths treasure hunt.


We had to answer the questions and find them to get our next clue.







We had to work as a team to work out the answers and find the next question.





Each question asked us to find different things. Some asked us to draw the groups of, some asked us to find the product and others asked us to show our answers as an array.





Greek Mask Creations

As part of our ‘Stories that people tell’ topic of work we have been learning all about Greek myths. We had a look at what Greek theater was like and found out that ll of the actors were male! The actors had to use masks to show the different characters they played in their show, they usually played more than one character in the show. The Greek masks were used to show who they were and also the emotions they were feeling.

Have a look at some of the Greek masks we found:
mask 3      mask1   mask2



We looked at the different maps we found and we made our own using clay.P1940296                   First we moulded the clay into the shape of a face.





Then we used different tools to make mouth and eyes in our clay masks.





We added features of the character we had chosen to do. Here is someone making Medusa adding snakes to her head.



It was great fun getting messy and making our Greek masks!

P1940317 P1940319 P1940322

The Great Shape Makers

We made marvelous, magnificent 3D shapes using art straws and play-dough.  We used our shape knowledge to construct the 3D shapes, using the straws for the edges and the play-dough for the vertices.

We really enjoyed making all the different 3D shapes. Have a look at some of the shapes we made!

“I really enjoyed making the 3D shapes, it was lots of fun!” Michael




“We used the straws for the edges and the play dough for the vertices.” Darcy





“We made lots of different shapes, have a look at our triangular prism!”




Written by all of Team 3!

Sorting Shapes

In our maths lessons we have been looking at 2D shapes, we have found out what a line of symmetry is and how to find a right angle. We used the shape properties, including lines of symmetry and right angles, to sort regular and irregular 2D shapes in a Venn diagram.

P1940186 P1940185

Paper Manche Fun

In our topic lessons the children have been creating their own worlds. We had a look at some of the stories around the world about creation and then thought about what we would put in the world if we created it. The children though of some amazing ideas from rainbow lands, candy floss clouds, chocolate rivers, molten lava oceans and loads more. Once we had our ideas we made globes using paper mache and then decorated them with lots of different colours .

We covered our balloons using a glue mix and newspaper and then waited for them to dry!


When the were dry we decorated them with different colours, thinking about what the land and sea were made of.




Over the last half term team three have been learning about the brain. We have cut open jelly brains to see what is inside, talked about neurons and how they send messages throughput our body and talked about what helps our brains to learn. The children have had lots of fun learning about all of these things. Have a look at some of the photos from our learning! P1930920 P1930924 P1930929 P1930938 P1930940 P1930957 P1930962 P1940071 P1940072