Afternoon Tea Superstars!

We have had a fantastic week in Team 3 this week and nearly all our children got a gold card! The gold cards were drawn out of the gold box this morning and guess what? All three of them were children in our class!! Well done to the lucky three and thank you for your outstanding behaviour, effort and work.

I wonder who who will get one next week? Keep working hard Team 3!

From Miss Francis, Mrs Clare & Mr Alfonso 👌😊

This Week’s Homework

As always, some of you have been working hard on your homework. Here are some more great examples handed in this week from the homework sheet, ‘Where Do I Live?’


All children now have the homework sheet for our new topic, ‘The Great Fire of London.’ I’m looking forward to seeing some more fantastic homework for this topic 😊. Remember, you only need to do ONE a week. 

Keep working hard Team 3!

Joy and the Songbirds


Today KS1 were extremely lucky and got to watch a performance from the Peoplescape Theatre Company! Before the play got started, the actors popped into classes to get ideas for parts of the play that would make it personal to us – how lucky are we? Then, we went to the hall to see the play. When we were in the hall, the children saw an amazing performance about Joy and her Grandpa. Joy loves music and throughout the play we all got to take part in soundscapes of all sorts of sounds we hear, including a birds song. We really enjoyed it!

Thank you Emily and your team at Peoplescape Theatre!

Jim and the Beanstalk

In English this weeek, we have been busy bees! We have been retelling the story of Jim and the Beanstalk, looking at the features of traditional tales and also deciding on elements for our own stories.

To keep your mind refreshed of the story over the holidays, take a look at this images from the story (created by someone in our class). Which part of the story is each picture? What is happening? Write a comment below to let us know!

Golden Book Alert!

After we acted the character’s feelings, we wrote about them. Some children had to write a letter to the Giant pretending to be Jim, explaining how they were feeling and why. Other’s had to use the conjunction ‘because’ to explain the character’s feelings.

We’re very proud today as we had a letter that was so fabulous that the girl who wrote it showed it to Mrs Starkey and was put in our golden book – well done! Can you see how fabulous her work is? She has used a range of openers, different punctuation, linked all her ideas and really got into the role of Jim – fantastic!


English – Character’s Feelings

This week Team 3 are getting ready to write their own narrative. To write a really good one, we have been unpicking the traditional story, Jim and the Beanstalk. Today, we got into the roles of the two characters, Jim and the Giant to show how they felt at different moments.

Can you guess who is the Giant and who is Jim? How are they feeling?

Leave a comment with your ideas!

Active Learn

Good evening! Thank you for coming to Parent’s Evening this week.

As mentioned at Parent’s Evening, we are going to be using Active Learn again this year. Active Learn is a fantastic website that supports your child’s learning in SPaG, Maths and Reading. When your child logs on, they will be able to access any tasks their teacher has set them. They will also be able to access their ‘treehouse’ which has lots of fun included. The more they do, the more fun they can have in their tree house.

Here are the instructions on how to log in again just in case you can’t remember! Have fun!

Active learn

Art – mixing colours

This week we have been looking at how to mix different colours. We have looked at primary colours and using them to make secondary colours. Once we’d had a practise of these skills we applied them! We have created autumn colour-scapes.

Our next step is to combine all this work in a fantastic display. Keep checking the blog for a picture of the display when it’s ready!